Bargain Hunting; Car-booty! 17/07/16

Mama loves shopping, especially buying goodies for the little mister (…and collecting obsolete video games, but that’s another story). However, I refuse to overpay for anything. Naturally, this means I get super excited about bargain hunting and frequently drag everyone out to charity shops, carboots and the middle of no-where to collect something from Gumtree.


The weather today was ridiculously warm, and after a late night partying we thought a trundle around a carboot would do us the world of good. It was much busier than usual at our weekly haunt, and it did take us a good 2 hours (4500 steps… thanks Fitbit!) to navigate. The little mister was an angel and slept in his BabyBjorn the whole trip round. My legs were giving out towards the end of the amble around the pot-holey field, making me super jealous of being way too big to be carried. I want a BabyBjorn. For adults. An AdultBjorn…

Babies first carboot, on Father’s Day last month. Bad Mummy forgot it was Father’s day when we woke up and made Daddy go to a carboot. It’s okay, Mummy bought Daddy a bacon roll…

There wasn’t much on offer today (although there were more stalls than usual, we were still pretty late getting there!), however we did manage to scrape together a few purchases to stop us leaving (god forbid) empty handed.

Oh, the Nostalgia! But has it been worth the bargain hunt?

Disney Book Haul

I was so happy to see a blast from the past – Disney’s Wonderful world of reading. These were (and apparently, still are) a set of books based off Disney movies that could only be got through a monthly subscription. I’m not sure how anyone got suckered into these, they are extortionate full price. That said, the Nemo book I looked through first had a gorgous art style, showing more effort has gone in than a simple copy-pasta job using stills from the movie.

Do you want to play... a game?

The Jellies!

As the going rate was about 20p per book, I thought this would be a nice little collection to try and seek out to completition… It wasn’t until we got back that I realised the collection currently stands at  297 titles in the series! But oh well, we will enjoy reading these to DS as he gets older as he starts to discover the movies. I got a little mugged off at the first stall we went to (50p a book! the cheek) but as we only got 2 books I’ve chalked it down to one of those life learning experiences ;). Most of these books also seemed to be the original 1990s releases, adding the nostalgia for Mummy (and the list of things to dust and Milton).

These are amazing, like seriously, after a few bevvies and the sound ramped up you will feel like a rock God.

Rock on!

The only other notable bargain was a Wii Guitar Hero guitar, in super awesome “I was an unwanted gift” condition, still in its box. This was a steal at only £2. One of mine was stuffed (the whammy bar gave up the ghost after a late night tipsy jam last year) so this brings us back up to a full band. As these go for about £6 on CEX that I’m counting it as a bargain.

Today’s Mamamakesdo Bargain Hunt Ledger:

16 Disney Books – £3.80
(£2 each on ebay completed listings but taking that with a pinch of salt <maybe they’re rare? who knows….>. Dubious value of £32, saving of £28.20)
Wii Guitar – £2
(Cex £6, savings of £4)

Total Bargain Hunting “savings”: £32.20

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