Bubba’s First Cold and a Sneaky Bargain Hunt

This morning started off at a standard level of eventful (let’s just say that trying to cut nails at 6am after a major poop explosion was not the calmest way to kick off the day). After a brief snooze we awoke again at 8am to a noise I’d been dreading for months. Quiet at first, so quiet that you’re not sure you’ve heard it, but as the day goes on its more often, and louder… then you realise that yep, those are definately snuffles. Eeeep!


I've got the sniffles :(

I’ve got the sniffles 🙁

Luckily it didn’t hinder second breakfast so we were off to a winner. After a lengthy wait for pre-lunch snack (due to an uncharacteristically long morning nap) we ventured off into town to get some air and ALL THE DRUGS Boots would sell me… just in case. Vapour rub, saline drops, Snuffle Babe vapour oil (how cute a name is that for something so horrible?). Also a teething bead thing, because something tells me the fist chewing, ear pulling and drool puddles that keep appearing on my t-shirt after baby hugs may be the beginnings of something bigger.

To keep the fresh air coming, we took an abridged version of the charity shop circuit. Being way too organised as usual I’ve picked up babies next year’s swimwear in the sale for £3 a piece (Spiderman and Mickey Mouse, too cool). They’ve also begun selling the fisher price basic baby toys like stacking cups and shape sorters, but no cheaper than you can find on Amazon.

In Scope we managed to pick up a mahoosive bag of wooden bricks and trolleys for £2.50 (about 75 bricks in total, doesn’t look like they’ve been chewed/stuffed up noses too much). These will clean up lovely for a year’s time, when he’s beyond the stage of just nomming everything. There was also a small red cock in the bag (… not as risqué as it sounds).

Bargain wooden blocks

Them there wooden blocks

Bargain Wooden Cock


The best bargains today were non-baby related. In my free time (HA, what’s that?!?) I’m an enthusiastic gamer and game collector, so even now my senses are always fine-tuned to seek out anything in a shop gaming related. As I came into the shop I spotted on the shelf an Xbox 360 version of Disney Infinity. It was calling to me, but it’s hard to dash stealthily with a buggy, especially with my driving. This is something I’d never be interested in at full price, but at a pound I thought I could bite. I managed to find the base, unlabelled, on a random shelf. 2/3 ain’t bad, but it’s all useless without the figurines! This took a little while longer, but eventually Sully, Jack Sparrow and Mr. Incredible were spotted hiding behind an extended family of bedraggled rubber ducks. There was also some crystal orb thing… whatever that is?!? The total for the game, 4 figures and base came to £2.50. The figures cleaned up with some Dettol when I got back, making it feel worth the effort. Another thing to be on the lookout for at carboot outings!

Bargain Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity Complete Starter Kit

Hiding amongst the other toy tat, hidden behind a scary teddy, were a set of 8 Kingdom Heart Keyblade pendants. I took a calculated gamble on these for £2 as Kingdom heart collectors are definitely among the most obsessive so to the right buyer these could definitely make some money. We spent the rest of the afternon cuddle up on the sofa, but at least we are now prepared with all the cold remedies!

Bargain Kingdom Heart keys

If all else fails I’ll make these into necklaces and sell on


Today’s Mamamakesdo Bargain Hunt Ledger:

Blocks – £2.50 for 76 blocks (Yes I counted…)

(Amazon is about £10 for 100, so £7.50 for 75. Saving of a fiver)

Swimtrunks – £6 for 2 pairs

(40% off, saving of £4)

Kingdom Hearts Pendants – £2

(Sets on amazon for £40+, saving of £38!)

Disney Infinity – £2.50

(Boxed new still £30, but second hand £8, saving of £5.50)

Total Bargain Hunting “savings”: £52.50
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