7 Simple Steps to Snap, Crack and Pop Turkey burgers

Little Mister is still teething, bless his heart. In between bouts of being smiley, we have long periods of just screaming. He’s even screaming in his sleep now, which is a little disconcerting as he doesn’t wake up. We ventured out into town for a little fresh air, which meant harnessing him into the buggy. Funny thing, every time I put my son into his pushchair, this is the face that greets me:

Little Mister Buggy

It’s like he knows Mummy’s awful buggy manoeuvring is to come


Town was suspiciously quiet for a summer holiday Monday, but maybe we were just really early leaving home today. After a jaunt through the usual charity shop route (10 shops, plus a bonus trip to Waterstones to pick up the new Harry Potter book), we started the slow uphill trudge home. Moan ahoy, but grrrrr local council, grrrrr. You left every bin like this on my walk from mine to town and back:

Grrr Council Bin Pavement

Like seriously, I had to veer into the road every driveway, and most of the kerbs don’t dip to buggy friendly level. Grrrrr.

After a long day we fancied something comforting to eat, but also something a bit nutritious (it is still Monday after all). These juicy, crisp breasts served on hot Foccia hit that craving, are cheaper than using chicken breasts and really don’t take too much effort. Just what you need on a Monday! So I bring you: Snap, Crackle and Pop Turkey Burgers!


Snap Crackle Pop Turkey Burger

Turkey Burgers, ready to go in the oven

Snap, Crackle and Pop Burgers in 7 easy steps


  • Turkey Breasts – 1 per person
  • Plain Flour
  • Your favourite spices
  • One large egg
  • Rice Krispies
  • Foccacia bread (or any other roll you fancy)
  1. Clear a space in your kitchen. This may involve throwing all your empty milk bottles into the sink, or even having to empty and reload the dishwasher. Celebrate this step with some chocolate to keep your sugar levels up whilst you cook.
  2. Take 2 turkey breasts (1 per person). Tenderise them by stabbing with a fork a good amount on both sides.
    Snap Crackle Pop Turkey Burger

    Tenderise that meat

  3. Lay out 3 bowls. In the first, add plain flour and spices of your choice. I like things on the spicy side so opted for Cayenne and hot smoked paprika. Mix well. In bowl 2, crack an egg and whisk with a fork until all lovely and broken up. In bowl 3, pour in some Rice Krispies (or your own brand alternative. I opted for slightly past their best Sainsbury own brand).
    Snap Crackle Pop Turkey Burger

    Getting organised

  4. Take your breast in one hand (tee-hee) and pop into bowl 1. Coat completely in flour. This will dry out the turkey enough to take a good strong coating. Then take the breast and cover in egg mixture. Finally, roll the eggy turkey breast in the Rice Krispies until no more will stick on.
    Snap Crackle Pop Turkey Burger

    Cover in flour

  5. Spray a tray with Fry-light to stop things sticking, and transfer the burgers to the tray. Pop in the oven, gas mark 6 for about 45 minutes.
  6. Check the turkey is cooked through.
  7. Warm your bread in the oven, if desired. Serve!
    Snap Crackle Pop Turkey Burger

    The finished article

    Snap Crackle Pop Turkey Burger

    Burgers’ Best Friend – Chips!

    (My personal suggestion; cover in a slice of cheese, smother in a hot bbq sauce, and serve with lashings of chips and a small glass of rioja)


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