Travelling back to the Motherland

Time has slipped away at a crazy pace this week, and I’ve not been able to update as quickly as I’d of liked! We have been on holiday to my home-land (sunny sunny Kernow), and the week before has all been rather hectic. Some of this chaos came from packing. Firstly, packing whilst you’re crippled up with hay fever sucks! Sneezing between every other item going into a bag makes it really hard to keep track of what’s going down. Secondly, packing whilst entertaining a little one is really hard work. Playing is waayyyyyyy more fun than packing,  And thirdly, little people need so much stuff! We’re only off for a week but it looks like we’ve left home…


Cornwall trip

Seriously, just for 1 week…

Travelling day arrived, and I totally had a plan of how the day was going to unfold. We were going to get up at seven-ish, have a feed, pack away the prep and sterilisers; head to some rhyme time then finish the last bits of packing before sauntering out the door when my partner arrived home. But the little mister had other plans. He awoke, super active at half 5 (of the morning, urghh), and by the time he’d eaten I was way too awake to go back to sleep whilst he napped. At the second feed, all chaos broke loose. I’d bought in a carton for SMA ready to go for the 4 feeds that day so I could pack away the steriliser, which of course lived in the fridge between meal times. Post-breakfast-pre-lunch meal rolled around for little mister, and I was down to the last bottle. Unbeknownst to me that last bottle had the wrong teat; a variflow instead of the normal size 1. The combination of one-overtired bubba, cold milk and a fast spout led to about an hour of screaming afterwards, and threw out all the nap cycles for the day. For the rest of the day he screamed before and during every feed 🙁 , and I learnt that trying to be organised made me more behind schedule than winging it at the last minute.

We hit the road shortly after five and an hour later stopped at a KFC to “refuel”. Little did we know this was the worst KFC in the world; they didn’t have any blooming chicken on the bone! How can you run a chicken establishment and under-order the principal animal for peak dinner rush on a Friday?!?  The teenager from the Simpsons asked us at least 3 times if the food was okay, which led us to think that he’d definitely done something to our burgers.

Seriously, what did you do to our food?

Seriously, what did you do to our food?

The little mister remembered he hadn’t pooped which led to a full clothes change scenario (although honestly we were thankful we were still in KFC and not halfway down the motorway). My other half also had an ocular migraine, which some may say was suspiciously in time with the nappy situation. We both panicked for a little while that we would be stuck in the only KFC with no chicken. But then things got better, and we could hit the road again. Before leaving we got some baby snaps, and some very judge-y looks for doing so…

KFC Cornwall Trip

Is this too much of a leap from blended broccoli?

Little Mister went straight asleep for the next 2 hours to Exeter services. I felt awful having to wake him up to get him out of his seat but he was content chatting away until we got back to the car. After a caffeine refill we hit back on the road again and managed to make it all the way down with no jams, and a content sleeping baby. He even went straight down in his travel cot (although it took a lot of effort from Mummy, Daddy and Grampa to get the blooming thing together!). He even gave us a little lie-in until 7am, but we were both zombie having not made it to bed until 2am.

Travel Cornwall

Travel Cots are fun!

My Mum (Nana) mentioned a few weeks ago she had picked up a couple of toy elephants for the Little Mister. Little did we both realise how big they were… The advert online was taken next to a newborn baby, and so looked like the scaling would be about the same length. Not so much! Once they arrived and were removed from their packaging, it became apparent they had been highly compressed in transit, and just kept expanding and expanding! Bubba loves them so they are here to stay, but I’m not sure where in the house we’re going to sit as they fill a sofa up on their own!

The Cornish Air must have been done the little man good, as he rolled from his back to his front today for the first time after just a couple of days being down! Miraculously, he also did whilst we were both in the room, which makes a lovely change. Hopefully I’ll be able to capture it on video, although babies always seem to do these awesome things when you’ve popped away to make a cuppa (they know… they definitely know). Since achieving this feat once he’s now taken to just rolling onto his sides, then stopping, as that toy that’s just out of reach is most definitely not worth the effort of a full roll over. Now we’re home he’s also coupled this move with running his legs against the sides of the playpen, allowing him to sort-of Matrix style shuffle around his mat with a wall run. Going to need to have eyes everywhere now…

In true holiday style we tried this week to fit in as many pasties as possible. The initial bar of “one a day” was optimistically too high, but was a challenge I enjoyed trying none-the less. Pasty one came in a pub in Porthleven. It was horrible. It felt rubbery, like it had been under a heat lamp all day. But we paid the premium to have somewhere to sit down to feed the Little Mister.

travel cornwall

The pasty may have been horrid, but someone seemed happy with the choice of venue

Pasty two came in Trago Mills Café, and was served with chips which is just so wrong. I’m not sure I can accurately describe the experience that is Trago Mills. I overheard a teenager to his girlfriend describe it as “it’s like Amazon, but with everything in one place”… (so like, a shop?). It’s a sort-of department store, set in an old Mill and surrounded by woods. Political statues and posters adorn the car park and river walks to the main entrance. Once you get inside, it is like a huuuuuuge Warehouse, but with shelves really close together, and lined with stock from years gone by, some of it cheap, some of it overpriced. The main adventure was to get to the toy section, which in typical logical fashion, was on the top floor, and required marathon endurance to get to with a buggy (between rooms on the same floor there are ramps and stairs, and these are in totally random places). The toy section was in site, so I jumped in the lift only for it to rebel and take me down, instead of up. I was then joined by a family of 3 in what only felt like a 2 person lift. It turned out to be not worth the effort afterall, as the signs saying “80% off selected toys” was a big fat lie, with not one blooming toy having a sticker on. We did, however, get in some bargain books. The double thumbs up pasty award go to Malcolm Barnecutt bakeries. These were so good we had a second one for breakfast the day we travelled back up.

travel cornwall

Obligatory pasty montage, top right was the best-est!

This week we also had our first night away from bubba, with his Nana and Grampa babysitting. It felt really bizarre being away, but really appreciated having photos sent through the evening as it made me feel at ease. As usual, he was an angel and slept through, but that doesn’t stop you worrying. We had a lovely meal with a fresh seafood platter when we were out (braving a lobster of the first time ever), and drank far too many cocktails (2, we had 2 whole cocktails each). Although determined to make the most of the evening we were both shattered by half 9 so just enjoyed a night of sleeping undisturbed. That day we also managed to take in some history walking around a local castle. This is the only time I’ve achieved 10,000 steps since receiving my Fitbit last February. The watch went absolutely mental.

Travel Cornwall

Amazing food


Travel Cornwall

Castle Panorama

It was Nana’s birthday this week, so we had a lovely day chilling, with a meal out by the seaside and some juicy burgers on the BBQ in the evening. We baked a carrot and walnut cake, Mary Berry’s Recipe, and it was gorgeous! I did pimp it a little with some Amaretto soaked raisins, so will be posting this recipe at some point in the future. Little Mister also met his Great Nana and got some lovely photos together.

Happy Birthday Nana!

Happy Birthday Nana!

The next morning we had to battle to get everything back into the car, including the 2 new elephants. Luckily I thought ahead and brought some vacuum bags with me, although a part of me felt really guilty zipping them in and sucking all the air out! We have all had a lovely holiday, and many thanks to Nana and Grampa for having us for the week! We have managed to unpack in just over a day, which is really good going for me (I only unpacked my hospital bag from having the Little Mister last week so I could use it on this holiday…), and am now gearing up to begin dieting next week (eeeep!). I’ll be posting any lush healthy recipes I come across as time goes on and giving updates on if the Joe Wicks YouTube vids and recipe books are really effective. Now I must go, and check I still fit in my pre-baby exercise clothes…


Poor, Poor Elephants




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