#Blogtober16 – Day 2; An Old Picture of You

I’m writing this day 2 post with my body having succumbed to (another) round of Mum-flu. This last week my partner has had the man-flu, and somehow I managed to avoid coming down with it, but as of yesterday afternoon Mum-flu began. I’m going with the flow today, and having a pyjama day with chocolate and all the carbs I damn well want (#Leanin15 can wait… mama needs chocolate…. and hash browns… and ginger wine). Little Mister seems fine which is the main thing, fingers crossed he avoids the parental plague.

Anyway, today’s Blogtober Post theme is on an old photo of me. One summer, as a teen, I got pretty damn bored, and decided to scan in every family photo onto our PC. Which makes this post a lot easier, as I have 1000s of photos segregated by year and sub-set by event (I know, super nerdy haha). After digging through I couldn’t pick just one, so here are my top 4:

The game-y one


Me, aged 7-ish, playing on the Megadrive, cheating on Sonic because I could never get past the Marble Zone. Thank goodness for emulators and save states on the modern versions, else I’d never have seen past level 3.

The band-geeky one


Back in the day, I used to play the clarinet. I think this was taken in Marizion for a BBC campaign called “Beat This”, where they were trying to get as many people throughout the UK to play the same musical rhythm at the same time. After doing my grade 6 aged 12, I discovered the saxophone, and being a saxophonist instantly gives you a million more cool points than a clarinettist. The clarinet hasn’t been touched since then haha.

The hair-y one


Having fluffy hair in a soft water area is tough; as soon as I moved up “North” for Uni I never had this problem again. Maybe I could bottle hard tap water as an antidote for those in the south who also suffer this affliction?

The Hasselhoff-y one


On my 21st birthday drinks, I got to meet the Hoff. And I don’t think that needs any further explanation! I think the hacked off looking guy in the background is his manager.


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    1. Hehe, he had this massive body guard (not surprisingly) to drag us into the photo and pull us away. It was over so quick we were like “did that just happen?” 🙂

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