#Blogtober16 – Day 7; Why I Started Blogging

Well, there are a few *cough* 4 *cough* posts missing from my Blogtober so far. To be fair, half of them are written, with one nearly ready to go (it just requires a bit more of a proof read since it was written in a Beechams-medicated-flu-blur, so could be all slurred, glitter and rainbows nonsense). I’ll catch up by Monday with a “Days 3-6 post” and get everything linked up. So shall we carry on at day 7 like this didn’t all happen? The theme of today’s post; Why Did I Start Blogging?

Honestly, Beechams must be the closest thing to Calpol for adults #Nostalgia

Honestly, Beechams must be the closest thing to Calpol for adults #Nostalgia

I’ve always been on the creative side, whether it’s been jazz improve on the saxophone, baking/cooking something new in the kitchen or trying to make video games. But to that extent I’ve always gone through phases, one month I’ll bake every weekend, but then the mixer can sit idle for another couple of months. Between all these phases, writing and video-making has always been something I’ve come back to. I’ve dabbled in gaming blogs in the past, but now most certainly don’t have the time to play games as much anymore, let alone film and review them too (heck, I barely get time to enjoy a hot cup of tea). Although filming gaming glitches was good fun for a while…

As soon as I had my Little Mister, I knew I wanted to document all those special moments. I also wanted create an honest account of parenting that others out there might relate to, and pass on any bargain hunting tips that may be of use. I enjoy photography too, and wanted to be able to create something to treasure and to share some of the gorgeous moments that pop up day to day (if you haven’t already, check out our Instagram feed in the sidebar). I’m also hoping the blogging about trying to lose the Mum-tum will help me stick with it, and make me less likely to veg on the sofa nomming malted milk and hobnobs each evening. It’s also giving me an awesome reason to bake and cook, so I can share in my favourite recipes. In the future, I the Little Man will enjoy reading up what he was up too, and maybe will be able to read up on those recipes his Mama used to make him!

More than just the blogging, I’ve always been a bit interested in web design and how you would get a website up and running. What better way than to throw yourself in at the deep-end and host your own site? Although I want to tweak the layout and theming over time, I’ve enjoyed getting to where we are so far and playing around with the various plugins. Blogging is also a great way to get out there on social media and interact with other people who know exactly what you’re going through, and I love the community vibe already.


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