#Blogtober16; Day 10 – A Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Review

When I first saw the title, I wondered how cliché I could get in my response. Of course, I couldn’t live without my family. I also couldn’t function without my phone (how else would I Instagram everything I eat?!?). And it wouldn’t be worth getting through the day without my desktop PC; imagining a world without big monitors and gloriously click-y keyboards makes me sad… and disgusted at the prospect of only ever typing on a touch screen. So I thought I would use this Blogtober post to cover something that has genuinely made my life a million times easier with Little Mister; the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine.

The beast in all its glory


Prep Machine Review

In my brain, the first few months with Little Mister are a happy (yet hormonal) blur of feeding and nappies. My phone app tells me we were on 7-8 bottles a day for the first few months (why as a new parent we compulsively log every feed and nappy situation I don’t know, but it’s made this review a little easier).  With the current advice being to make bottles up fresh as you need them, I didn’t want to fill the fridge with bottles for the night feeds. Equally, I was already getting through many cartons of pre-made milk whilst being out and about in the day with a thirsty bubba that I needed a cheaper option whilst at home. Actually, whilst I’m on topic, what is it with SMA cartons compared to all the other brands? Aptamil comes in lovely screw-top bottles, whilst I’m stuck carrying around scissors in my changing bag (which feels really, really unsafe). Anyway, whatever the solution picked, it needed to be middle-of-the-night-with-no-sleep proof. After reading up on different review sites, the Prep Machine seemed like a unique product, at a great price-point that would tick all the boxes when it came to staggering around prepping food for an inconsolably hungry baby. It even comes in a plethora of colours to fit in with your décor!


I wish I got the red one to match my cake mixer, but settled on black to match… nothing else in my kitchen now I come to think of it


How it works

After the initial setup (which consists of running water through the system and installing the filter) which takes 10-15 mins, this machine is ready to rock. The machine itself will take any brand of bottle, not just the Tommee Tippee branded bottles, and the drip tray is adjustable to accommodate all the different heights of bottle (just hooks in and out). I have used both the small and large bottles with this machine to no bother, and the sizing was just right as to not allow splashing of water out of the bottle. It’s really simple. You set your bottle ounce size, pop the bottle on the stand, then press the big go button. The machine then measures out a “hot shot” of water, which you add your powder to, which kills off any nasties in the formula. It’s worth noting you only get 2 minutes to add your powder before the machine resets… I did not know this the first time and ended up with a double hotshot of water.




After shaking up the powder and hot shot, the bottle goes back under the machine and cooled, filtered water is added. This brings the feed down to the right temperature and up to the right volume of fluids.


If you’re super fit you can run up the stairs for a pre-feed wee whilst it’s still prepping 😉


And that’s all there is to it! From start to finish the whole process takes about 2-3 minutes (obviously smaller feeds in the early days are faster to make). I’ve had mine for about 3.5 months now and it’s been super easy to maintain. Every 8-12 weeks the machine needs a new filter, but these are cheap and you get a warning light in advance of needing it changed so you shouldn’t be left short. The machine also needs descaling with white wine vinegar from time to time, but even though we’re in a hard water area this light hasn’t come on yet.

OoooOOOOOoooo… filter

The Verdict

100%, I recommend this product to any parent who formula feeds on a semi-regular basis (did the opening paragraph give away the surprise?). I’m not sure how I would have coped those first few weeks with the kettle in the wee-small hours, and if you plan ahead you can usually snap these up cheap on prime day or in other baby events. I’d love to hear of any baby gadgets you couldn’t cope without in the comments!


I’m not needed for feeds anymore, Little Mister’s got it 😉






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