#Blogtober16; Day 16… and all the other days I missed

Tonight we’re having a chill evening after offering Little Mister his first taste of food. As you can see from his face, it wasn’t love at first try!


Me being me, I can be a little bit scatty or easily distracted, so I’ve not managed to stick to a post a day for Blogtober… But this evening, I’m chilling, enjoying a Merlot and doing a cheeky catch up post! I’m in the process of working out how to post more regularly, so, genuinely, watch this space for more regular posts!

Day 16 – Piercings and Tattoos

I’m boring on this front; no tattoos (yet) and just one stud in each earlobe. I had them done as a treat when I was 7, but the jeweller put the studs in wonky so one ear is way lower than the other. I balance this out by never wearing big studs (as it becomes totally obvious), although I currently can’t wear danglers either without the Little Mister tearing them out!

Day 15 – Timeline of your day

I awake gently from slumber, enjoy a hot beverage, and cook myself a nutritious breakfast. After catching up with current affairs in the paper I have a slow wander into town, where I partake in another hot, caffeinated beverage. I then pop home to whizz the hoover and duster around, before having dinner ready on the table for when my partner arrives home from work….

Ha! Yeah right. I’m woken up to starving cries sometime between 6-7, and spend the first half of the day in a cycle of feeding, microwaving forgotten black coffees and walking around the house in circles deliberating which chore to get done first, only to be interrupted by someone waking up and being hungry again. On a good day, we might venture out into town where we speed shop and balance purchases on the stroller, and hit a baby group, praying Little Mister doesn’t miss a nap by being there making him grumpy for the rest of the day. I check the news on my phone in feeding breaks, and may get to catch dance moms by 5pm if I ignore the toppling washing pile and dusty surfaces.

Day 14 – Meaning behind your blog name

At lot of being a parent is getting by; making the best choices you can at the time with the information you have. Also, babies are expensive! And that sleep deprivation… I wanted my blog name to reflect getting by, or making do, in a mental well-being sense, and in a money sense. And lo, “Mama Makes Do” was created. It was also not taken on any social media and domain sites, which helped in my selection …

Day 13 – What’s in your Fridge?

As of today; not a lot, as it’s all been eaten and we’ve not gone shopping today due to project conservatory. As of earlier this week; so many healthy things for “Lean in 15”. The staples of the week now tend to be almond milk (for smoothies and oatmeal), baby leaf spinach (to go in everything), avocados and eggs. And lots and lots of chicken and veg. With these components, you too can cook most of the contents of the Lean in 15 books. Plus chorizo, because what doesn’t chorizo make better?!?


Lots of eggs, and prepping lunches “like a boss”

almond milk!

Nutty goodness

Day 12 – What’s in your handbag?

Nappy Bag Mamamakesdo

I love this bag, it has so many pockets!

Nothing, I haven’t had one in months. Instead I have a bag full of nappies, muslins and bottles… with my wallet wedged in the side so I can pay for much needed coffee whilst out. I opted for a rucksack changing bag as I’m not the most balanced, so wielding a baby across a restaurant whilst counter balancing a swaying satchel was a disaster waiting to happen for me!

Day 11 – Favourite Type of Animal?

Truthfully, not an animal fan. Although my partner and I had some commitment hamsters a few years ago before I went back to uni… they were cool. But otherwise, not a big pet fan.

Extra Cheese Hamster

We named them Harley and Ivy after Batman

Day 8 – Favourite TV

Guilty Pleasure: Dance Moms (just love all the fighting and sass over nothing)
Foody Fave: The Great British Bake-Off (but nooooo, why Channel4, WHY!?!)
Honourable Mention: The Apprentice. An annual outing that makes me think I could seriously open my own business.

Day 6 – Fave Christmas/Birthday Present Ever

Too many to choose from, but most of them are video game based. I remember being so excited with Santa bringing a Gamecube with the attachment that would let you play your Gameboy Games BIG ON THE TELLY, with colours and all sorts. And I still proudly have them both in my collection <3

Day 5- Career you had planned as a child

Like most kids, I went through all the phases; a doctor, an actor, a professional Lego assembler. Through most of my teens I was set on being a music teacher. By my late teens I settled on keeping my passion of music as a hobby, and to go with Engineering as a career.

Day 4 – Secret

I’m freakishly good at those arcade grab machines, and as a result have flooded the home with minions over the last few years…

Day 3 – If you won the lottery, you would?

Nothing crazy here, just house, nice car, big holiday, and super luxury kitchen with like a floating island, and all the cake appliances you could need. Oooo, and a games room, with a pool table, and space for retro collecting… (I can dream). I’d also hire someone to redo my blog branding, haha.





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