Advent 2016 Days 2 & 3 – 4 calanders, 8 prizes, some disappointment

Somehow, it’s the third day of advent already. The tree is coming down from the loft today (yay!), we just need to work out where in the lounge it will fit (not playing the blame game, but SOMEONE has their playpen where the tree would normally go). And with that, we have 2 more advent prizes for each calendar, so let’s dive in and see the “goodies” on offer.

Minions Calendar

Mixed bag here over the last 2 days. We’ve come to the first building days, and whilst I was super-impressed with day 2, I was less than satisfied with day 3. Day 2 brought us a fireplace. The whole thing is sturdy once together, the instructions were clear to follow and we’re left with a lovely looking piece for our Christmas Minions display. I particularly like the flame piece in the middle. Being blocks and not a figure, the whole thing can be easily put together without adult assistance (yay, those thumbs get a day off). I’m going to give it a 4 BANANAS/5, as I do think this is a cute looking little thing.

Ideal for roasting little minion chestnuts on

Ideal for roasting little minion chestnuts on

Días tres, on the other hand, left us with this terrifying Cyril Sneer alike, eyeless penguin. I don’t like it, I don’t like it, I don’t like it. What was worse was the instructions inside the door are not in colour, so I had to use the pictures on the calendar to work out what it was meant to be/which colour brick would go where. With Mega Bloks you don’t get any spare parts (unlike the Lego calendar), so I’m wondering as we go on if we’re going to end up missing out on some of the smaller parts (presuming it’s dispensed by weight) as the days go on. I’m going to give this little assembly 2 fish/5, because just look at it…



Lego Star Wars Calendar

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away calendar one coffee table away, we’ve got a much nicer fair on offering. After a little research (by which I mean the answer just popped up on my Instagram with no input required from me), we discovered that the spaceship from day one was “SLAVE I”, a craft used by Jango Fett before the Clone Wars… I have no idea what that means, but that’s what it is. Day 2 bought us out first minifigure; a Bespin Guard (again, I had to google who that was, having only seen a few of the films…). We ended up with one gun more than on the picture in the instructions, which I would imagine would come in handy with the kids (the parts are so small; one hoover incident is all it would take to vanish from our findable object dimension). We like this little dude, although feel the printing is quite plain (but having not seen an original for a point of reference, it could be bang-on), so are giving this a 3.5 jar-jars/5.



What’s this, what’s this, day 3 is in the air… and behind door 3 we are greeting with another space craft of sorts to assemble. The finished article? An interceptor Tie-Fighter. We both liked the final build on this, and even with my limited Star Wars intel could see it was a Tie-fighter. Again, we had a few spare bricks at the end to go in our miscellainious bricks box, which is always a bonus. This gets 4 pew-pew-pews out of 5.

It came with this built in Penguin Exploding Function too, came in handy

It came with this built in Penguin Exploding Function too, which came in SUPER handy

w7 cosmetics

If you’ve not already got this impression, I’m not massively big on make-up. I can muster together enough co-ordination to do some flicky eye-liner, but that’s about it (and any attempt at lippy leaves me looking more than Miranda Sings than anything remotely sophisticated). So I’m not sure what to make of the lip gloss and lip stick that I acquired on days 2 and 3. One annoyance for me is that there is nothing printed on the packaging to tell you what shade it is. You are left with the listing on the back to try and guess which shade you have been bestowed (is it red, or Moulin Rouge…?). I shall give all these make-ups a fair review on a day when I feel more human than mum-sy, but until then I’ll give both days a 3 pouts out of 5 (I’m digging the shades more than the glitter at this stage, and the lippies don’t feel to sticky or greasy like really cheap make-up can tend to do).


Tea Calendar

On Day 1, we had “Organic Green Tea with Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves, Nutmeg, Pepper and Pomegranate”. On Day 2, we had the drastically different “Organic Green Tea with Cinnamon, Cloves, Star Anise, Nutmeg and Black Pepper”. And Day 3 opted for a black tea instead of green, giving us “Organic Black Tea, with Cinnamon, Peppermint and Liquorice”. I’m sorry Mum for getting you to do this calendar, I thought it would be a fun little thing to do, but those teas do sound horrible (to my tastes anyway), and I’m not surprised Dad’s calendar has sat untouched in the corner. But I’m super impressed you’ve stuck with it. NanamakeDo’s comments from Day 2 were that “it was pretty much the same as Day 1”. We had to do a double check through the photos to check they were in fact different (in doing this we found that the bottom of the calendar gives away there are duplicates… so that’s a few less teas to endure!). With regards to day 3, the flavour was “insipid like the other days”. Nana and GrampaMakesDo ended up having a domestic over the reasons behind this, but eventually, after multiple bag strokes, agreed it’s because the bags are made of really thick Nylon. Tomorrow’s brew is to be tested in lesser volumes of water to see if this has an impact. Both teas have been given a score of 2 sick-bags tea bags out of 5.

Same old, same old

Same old, same old

Scores on the Doors after 3 days

The block based calendars have the edge so far! But still all to play for. Apart from if you're tea... go home tea.

The block based calendars have the edge so far! But still all to play for. Apart from if you’re tea… go home tea.


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