Christmas Break(down)

It’s so totally nearly Christmas, and in all honestly, I’m exhausted. This month Little Mister has begun to be more mobile (so you never quite know where he’s going to be in his pen next) and has shown an interest in pulling himself up. It was only a couple of nights ago I left him in his pen to walk a few feet away and get a book to read him. As I came back he’d got to his feet! But the second his weight hit his knees he buckled and fell. It’s all just a bit stressful, and he totally isn’t keeping up with his end of the bargain (we’d had a chat, Mama-to-bubba, about how we’d focus on crawling so that he doesn’t end up an un-spatially aware wreck like me, and how there’d be no free movement until after Christmas so I don’t have continual heart attacks about the tree coming down on him). On top of that his top two teeth have just burst into existence, which is a relief as I find it really hard to hear him struggling with the pain, so hoping he gets a teething break over Christmas. As parents, we also both seem to be continually ill with some sort of sniffle or cough, and I honestly think it’s been a good 3 months since I’ve been in full health. This needs to go onto some sort of list of “facts people never tell you about having children”; that you will never have full health again, ever.

Aside from that, my partner and I have had the usual Christmas rush of social events, with several pub crawls and meals out (personally, last weekend I learned I can’t party like I used to, and by late afternoon was wishing for bed, napping and pizza).  And, of course, it is the season for Christmas shopping. I’m a pretty organised person (if I’m qualified enough to say that of myself… which I am), so have had all the presents wrapped for a while now, but had put off the food shop to a bit later than usual this year. In trying to be frugal, we’d split the shop across several supermarkets (using up a gift voucher here, a £10 off when you spend so much here etc.). I think though once you’ve hit December it doesn’t matter at what time or place you shop, you end up with the same annoyances.

  • Old people. Old people just standing in the aisles, oblivious to what’s going on around.
  • Grumpy people, who will go out of their way to tut at you for daring to stop and look at the produce on offer. Sometimes these are also Old People, which makes things a million times more challenging when they’re tutting yet unaware of their surroundings.
  • Becoming a human shadow to some other random shopper. They’re sort of in your way, dawdling along, being way more chilled than anyone has the right to be during an event as serious as Christmas shopping. You try and overtake them to the right, but they glide right. You try to undercut on the left, they veer left. You want gravy just as they blooming want gravy and park their trolley in front of the goods. So you reside yourself to following this person around all store, as you can’t fight fate.
  • People on family outings. Those who see the food shop as an annual social event, and not only bring all the kids along, but the grandparents too. The kids are squealing, their posse fill the aisle and someone is usually starting a domestic over the stuffing (“the sage one. No, not that one, the SAGE one. NOT THE SAGE AND GARLIC, THE SODDING SAGE ONE.”).

That said, we still have to pick up the fresh veggies, and now I’m wondering how early I can go this week in picking out produce that will still resemble something edible come Sunday. I’ve got my cauliflower yesterday and noticed most of the veg about now has a Monday date on it, so might do a cheeky trip out tonight so we can say that yes, all our Christmas shopping is done, and so that my (literally) poor wallet can come out of hiding and recover for a few months. Then we can lock ourselves away from the perils of the retail world for a few days, and enjoy some goof old fashioned family fun (making a gingerbread house… picking at the gingerbread house… eating the gingerbread house in a coffee induced caffeine rage… mourning the loss of the gingerbread home).

Over Christmas I’m taking a little break from writing, but I shall be relaunching in the New Year with a new weekly article schedule, based around Resolutions for 2017 (thinking along the lines of a new recipe a week, a journey through Weight loss, frugal tips, ramblings as and when they’re needed alongside a journal of Little Mister’s progress). I’ve bought a diary, started a spreadsheet and everything.. so it’s going to happen (2017, the year of getting stuff done). I always went into writing this blog as a sort of look back at how far we’ve come, as I feel so much these days that time flashes by before we’ve truly had time to process the Little Things. I’ll continue to update Instagram as and when the moment takes me, but until January, this is your lot (probably, unless cabin fever kicks in and after draining the prosecco and Bailey’s I have a creative high).

So until then, Have a Very Merry Christmas, and see you in 2017.

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