(Obligatory) New Years Resolutions 2017

The definition of a resolution is “a firm decision to do or not do something”. For many of us (me especially included in this) it’s super easy to reel off a million changes we want to make after each Hootenanny, only to get overwhelmed come mid-January and break-down in a chocolate and domino’s fuelled binge. This year I’m feeling a little different, as becoming a parent tends to do. I’m feeling more in control, that I am the “the master of my fate” and “the captain of my soul” (if you want to get overly poetic about it). I’ve also gained an appreciation that most of the things that would have caused me angst previously are actually pretty trivial, and while things happen that we cannot change, the way we handle them is totally within our control. Little Mister already seems to have the resolution of trying to scale every possible surface and give his Mummy a heart attack…

Little Mister baby climbing mama makes do new years resolutions 2017

Chilling, watching telly, pulling myself up on this unsturdy table…


What do my changes entail then?

1) Lose some weight

As little mister (rapidly) approaches the world of movement, the realisation has hit me that I really don’t want to be that mother wheezing as she chases her kid down across the park. So now, for sure, is the time to lose that weight. I hit my pre-baby weight about 6 weeks after baby arrived, but since then haven’t been able to find that resolve to stick a plan. We had some successes with the Joe Wick’s Lean in 15 (losing 8lb in 6 weeks), but found this super-hard to stick too. I think it’s great if you have nothing much else going down in your life (thinking single professional in the big city, who works all day then hits the gym and cooks all evening), but found it near-impossible to make time for that much exercise with a baby who just does not fit into a neat little box of having a routine. I’ve signed up for Weight Watchers (which is currently 50% off on their website), and this will become a new regular feature on the blog (progress, tips, and the inevitable lows that I’ll face along the way. but if I can help cheer one person up or get them to join me, it will have been worth it!).

christmas shortbread recipe dough crumble

Less of this for a little while… (click picture for recipe)

2) Blog, Blog, Blog

I’ve had a bit of a creative block over the last few months, if I’m honest. To me, that signals I need to get back to basics, and back to why I started “project blog”. Truth be told, my interests are eclectic; I love being a mama, crafting, and baking, but I also love playing video games, playing with technology and, Lego, and photography. So this new year, I resolve to write more often, with more posts looking at my other interests (aside from the reviews and baby posts). I’m aiming for at least 3 posts a week, so once I’ve got a routine nailed down I’ll post a little schedule.

3) Get organised!

Since seeing bullet journaling, I’ve been itching to give it a go. I’ve ordered myself a new square ruled book with page numbers to give it a go, and have my coloured pens all out in waiting. I’m thinking this will also help with point 1; the most success we had dieting was with a weekly meal planner, one shop a week on a Sunday.

4) Save money

This baby thing is pretty expensive, and there are plenty of other things we would like to do in the undefined time-frame of the future (move into our own home, get married, own a second car). So we begin here, this new year, where spending will be brought to a minimum and avenues for further expenditure investigated. I might make this into a semi-regular blog feature if I come across any tips worth sharing. One tip I’ve already found is charity shops can be a gold mine if you have the patience and a little know-how. Santa got lots of his stocking fillers for Little Mister this year from different second hand shops and markets over the past months and they’re in such new condition that next to the shop bought toys you really can’t tell the difference (ultimate bargain being a pack of balls for the ball pit for 20p at a car boot).

5) Make the way through my gaming backlog

This is something anyone with nerdy interests but an adult life schedule will understand; In recent years I’ve become more of a game collector than a game player. New releases become wishes, and sit in my shelf waiting to be played, but the free time just doesn’t come. My Steam library houses just under 1200 games (and my physical game collection is about half that again across many different systems), and will only grow. So this year, I’m writing a list, and we are going to start blasting through them. I truly believe you can make time for anything, so let’s make time for this. I might make this a semi-regular feature if I can, like a “Mum’s night off” thing (I’m dying to try out some game capture gadgets I bought!).  If I can get through at least 10 games this year, I will be a happy bunny! (Even if that’s only 0.5% of the backlog…). Below is my Lego Dimensions backlog…

6) Take time to appreciate the little things

With time just flying, it’s hard to stop and be in the moment. But there are good moments each and every day. I can envisage this becoming a Photo365 feature, and might collate into a “one second everyday” montage. And no matter how poop I feel a day’s been, I’ll be writing in one good thing that happened in my new bullet journal (positivity, positivity, positivity!).

Little Mister baby suit mama makes do new years resolutions 2016

Looking Dapper on New Year’s Eve

I’d love to hear in the comments if you have any resolutions this year. I’ve made none for the previous few years, which means nothing has really changed! And of course “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results”…

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