My 2016 in Photos

2016 has just flown by, and I’ve loved every minute of it. This last year  was certainly life-changing with the arrival of Little Mister, and even though 2017 is well underway I didn’t want to get much further without do a piece on a few of the highlights of the last 12 months.


We began work on the nursery, chipping away at the room piece by piece as we got time. We foolishly ordered the furniture before the room was completed, meaning we lived with boxes in every-room for a good few months.

So much wallpaper to peel off!


I hit the middle of my mid-twenties, and being very pregnant could eat my whole birthday cheesecake guilt free (okay, my partner did lovingly make it for me so let him have a slice)!

Yummy Yummy Cheesecake


We finished the nursery! And I was waddling a lot!

I also got to wear cool nerdy pregnant mumma t-shirts


After a few unexpected twists and turns, we welcomed Little Mister into the world!

So much love <3



Slowly adjusted to life as a 3, and learnt the true feeling of tiredness. Lots of time spent on the sofa feeding bubba, cuddling and napping (him, not me).

I already miss these post feeding, snoozy cuddles <3


Baby’s first Euro 2016. Even though his kit was way too big, there was no way we couldn’t let him wear it.

It looked so big then, but he didn’t take long to outgrow it


We won tickets to the America’s cup so had a lovely day out watching boats (without having a clue about what was going on). The weather got uncharacteristically hot too, so we enjoyed lots of BBQs and picnics in the garden.

So cool

I still don’t understand the scoring system



Little Mister rolled over for the first time



We started prepping for weaning. Mama got to go to her favourite place ever (IKEA!!!) to get the highchair.



DadaMakesDo had his birthday, and I made a tasty Peanut Butter and Jelly cake (recipe from Hummingbird Bakery). It was massive and took forever to eat. Little Mister enjoyed his first Halloween and dressed up as a pumpkin (a definite obligatory first Halloween costume).


Little Mister’s First Halloween


We started to get into the full swing of weaning, although I’m still not sure I can still handle the mess…



First Christmas as a family! So much chaos and fun, but could do with a holiday now to recover.

Opening his first secret santa gift



What a crazy, life changing year 2016 was. I am super-looking forward to embracing the madness of 2017, and to writing up our wacky shenanigans!


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