Week 1 of Weight Watchers – The “H-anger” Games

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As per my previously outlined resolutions, it’s time to fight the fat and find my inner fittie (if she’s in there. I think I might have eaten her). My plan of attack is two-fold; walk more, and stick to Weight Watchers. My cheeky Little Mister is starting to cruise. He doesn’t seem to interested in crawling in a civilised manner, but is super-content with just throwing himself at surfaces or rolling to whatever he’s deemed interesting enough to warrant attention (annoyingly he’ll often by-pass toys and home in on a leaf fragment that’s blown in to eat it). This is great for the diet, as it’s keeping me a little too busy to think about food all the time, and on my feet a bit more to up my step count.

Little Mister Climbing up on his toy house

Always pulling up when you’ve sat down for a cuppa

As anyone knows, diets have to start on a Monday. You cannot possibly start on any other day, it just messes with your flow psychologically. Which meant I had to start my diet a full day before my initial weigh in, and whilst my partner had the day off work (read: “in holiday mode”). There are certain rituals I have to fulfil before I can tuck in to a diet. The first is eating all the temptation that’s already been opened (what can I say? It was one heck of a weekend).  The second is to hide the remaining temptation away for treat days. This meant that all the Christmas chocolate we’d amassed (funnily enough, mostly from each other, even though we’d promised not to get choc this year as we end up hiding it come January) was cast into a plastic box at the back of the larder, never to see the light of day. In the past this tactic has backfired, in fact I found a box full of chocolates under the stairs in November with the Easter eggs in I’d stashed…

Lindt bunnies, lots of them

It was something like this…

The third ritual is to have one final take-away. Or three. I mean, we were in “holiday mode”, and I’ve been too busy purging food from the cupboards to cook. Poison of choice for me is KFC: Zinger Tower Box Meal. This is something I developed a craving for whilst pregnant, but that never seemed to go away after bubs made an appearance. It’s deemed less socially acceptable to have weird cravings after having your child, which I found super-disappointing (and your partner becomes less eager to fetch you donuts late at night).

Pre-day 1: The Preppening

On the Sunday morning I sat down and planned out my meals for the week. This seemed to take bloomin’ ages this time, but as time goes on I think I’ll get to grips with the quirks of the plan, and there will be less trial and error in estimating snacks. The main tool I used for this was the website (I’m a bit more old-school, and spend more time in front of my PC than my tablet). The search bar at the top brought up lots of tasty recipes that you could add straight into your “diary”, and tapping the recipes from your diary will bring up the full cooking instructions on the tablet app (ok, I do use the tablet sometimes, it helps with the computer withdrawal). In terms of snacks I was hoping to use the app while we shopped, but turns out our local Sainsbury is a pit that 4G forgot so I had to take a punt. I punted wrong in backing Muiller Light; apparently the plan has changed some-what from when my Mum was on it years ago, and that it is now 4 points plus for a single pot. In comparison, I can have a G&T for 3 points… I know which I’d rather have at the end of a long day.

Bottles of Gin


Whether changes are made, I can’t say for now, but here’s the plan I made for the week:


MondayBreakfastPorridge (30g) and Raspberry (100g)3
LunchWW Bread (2 slices) and bacon and egg7
DinnerChicken Stir Fry7
TuesdayBreakfastScrambled Egg and Mushroom on Toast7
LunchBistro Salad, toms, carrot, dresing, turkey breast4
DinnerStir-Fry (as Monday)7
WednesdayBreakfastPorridge (30g) and Raspberry (100g)3
LunchBaked Sweet Potato with Asian Slaw7
DinnerPasta with salmon and asparagus12
ThursdayBreakfastBacon and Egg Sarnie7
LunchBaked Sweet Potato with Asian Slaw7
DinnerQuick Chorizo and Bean Chilli8
FridayBreakfastScrambled Egg and Mushroom on Toast7
LunchChicken Salad4
DinnerSteak with straw fries7
SaturdayBreakfastBreakfast Hash4
LunchTuna Sandwich9
DinnerQuick Chorizo and Bean Chilli8
SundayBreakfastBreakfast Hash4
LunchTuna Sandwich


The First Day

Weigh in is on a Tuesday, but as previously stated, diets HAVE to start on a Monday. So start on Monday I did. I’m at the stage now that I get to on every new health kick; tired and really hangry. I think in an ideal world the best thing would be for me to go dwell somewhere in solitude until my stomach gets to grip with the rationing memo, but alas, this isn’t realistic. So until then, I’m trying to tame the beast with baths, water and sleeping.

Empty Plate

How I feel between meals at the moment

The First Weigh in

I admit, I was a wee bit terrified of the first meeting. But everyone was so welcoming, and the whole thing was very calm. A kind lady wearing a sash got me to fill in a form, and once this was done I queued up to see the leader to get my welcome pack and first weigh in. I didn’t realise it would be so high-tech; they give you a card to scan each week, and this updates your online profile with your new weight automatically. No-one has spoken to me about setting a goal weight so I’ve taken a guess and used the upper end of the BMI scale, making a target weight of 10 stone. My starting weight clocked in at 12 Stone 11lb (which is 2lb less than when I weighed at home a few days previous, awwwww yeah), which means I’ve got about 3 stone to go. I then had to wait another hour for the meeting to start (as January seems to be a super-busy time to start a diet…), but the Leader (or Coach I think they’re called now) was very inspirational. Finally we had a sort of “newbie induction” at the end where they showed video of how the plan works. I’m hoping for a big loss this week, as it is week one, but any loss for next week’s weigh in would be phenomenal. 3 stone would be awesome (hehe). My plan for the rest of this week is to not take on too much, but if the weather allows I will be out each day walking (the Fitbit should make this a bit competitive and fun) and stick to the points. Wish me luck!




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