Week 2 of Weight Watchers – Let’s Do this Thing

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I’ll start out the article on a positive; I lost weight on my first week at weight watchers. I’ll continue with an even bigger positive; you can have wine on weight watchers, and still lose weight. YAY.

The cooking

I stuck to the schedule from last week pretty much to the letter, and was actually pretty impressed with the results from the weightwatchers plan recipes. I didn’t feel like I was living over a stove like I did with Mr Wicks, and there was zero forgotten veg to be chucked out at the end of the week. All the breakfasts were satisfying, and instead of faffing around with avocado stoning I could get on with a bowl of porridge between Little Mister’s first milk feed and demands for breakfast (a slim window of about 30 mins on a good day). I never realised bacon medallions would be so low value either, which means mid-week bacon sarnies feel like so much more of a treat (just need to work on a low point equivalent of the beloved hash brown, *sobs*).

My favourite lunch from this week was the baked sweet potato with Asian styled slaw. For the low points value it was super-filling, and left me not needing snacks until late afternoon. The only faff with it is the same faff I encounter when making any slaw; shredding veg thin enough. For just me eating it, it never seems worth dirtying the food processor so I end up going at it old-school (with the knife). I also find that my Lakeland julienne peeler is great for carrots, and makes what would otherwise be a tedious job a whole lot faster.

We also both enjoyed the quick chorizo and bean stew (which mainly consisted of pouring tins into a pan and simmering… which I’m cool with). But for me, anything that lets you eat steak and chips on a Friday is OK in my book. My partner has even enjoyed sticking to the plan with me, and found the portion sizes manageable (he has bigger lunches and breakfasts so isn’t enduring the full portion limiting, which works out perfect with his busier daytime schedule).

Lessons I learnt this week

  • Fever Tree Naturally Slim Tonic Water is 1 sp, whilst Schwepps slimline is 0 points. Tears were shed.
  • Keeping busy stops you eating; on the days I had baby groups I ate so much less than on the days I was at home. Maybe I do boredom eat?
  • Normal white bread is no worse than weight watchers bread; it’s just bigger. 2 slices of weight watchers bread is 3 points, but 2 slices of Warburton’s white is 5, and twice as filling (plus it doesn’t disintegrate when you pop your bacon in)…
  • I can have wine, WINE, and still lose weight (you have to weigh it and stuff, but still… WINE).

The Weigh-in

I knew I’d lost, but was still super happy to see a -3lb on the scale come weigh in day. I’d like to match that next week, and am enjoying these bigger losses the start brings. 3lb down, 36 to go (woop woop)!

The plan for the Next Week

I’m going to try and adapt some of my usual recipes next week so they fit within the weight watchers system, wish me luck.

Lunch2 Crumpets, Peanut Butter9
DinnerTurkey Breast Mince Spag Bol9
MondayBreakfastPorridge (30g) and Raspberry (100g)322
LunchCrumpet, Egg, Salmon10
DinnerTurkey Breast Mince Spag Bol9
TuesdayBreakfastCrumpet, Egg, Salmon1020
LunchButternut Squash Soup + Bread4
DinnerStir Fry6
WednesdayBreakfastPorridge (30g) and Raspberry (100g)316
LunchBaked Sweet Potato with Asian Slaw7
DinnerStir Fry6
ThursdayBreakfastPorridge and Fruit314
LunchButternut Squash Soup + Bread4
DinnerFish and Chips7
FridayBreakfastPorridge and Fruit314
LunchButternut Squash Soup + Bread4
DinnerSteak, Criss-Cross Chips, Asparagus, Sauce7
SaturdayBreakfastBreakfast Hash419
LunchButternut Squash Soup + Bread4
DinnerChilli Con Carne11
SundayBreakfastBreakfast Hash44


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