Weigh in -3.5lb

Somehow, in a haze of the lurgy, eating less calories and a wrestling with a lunging baby, we’ve missed a week. The more astute of you may have noticed that the week count on my blog and Instagram have always been a week out of sync, so I’m playing catch up. Therefore, these last 2 weeks have both been week 3, so there… To supplement my exercise regime, my Little Mister has been lending a hand by climbing every typical surface that he shouldn’t (cupboards, toy boxes, sides of his playpen), with his current favourite being the Fire Guard (although the sofa comes in a close second). I can’t blame him for it, it’s the perfect thing for babies to climb with the grid aiding in his scaling of all new baby heights. (Mental note to my engineering self; this could be a great money maker, just need to come up with a design that lets the heat out without letting the bubs climb up… but don’t tell anyone).Continue reading

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