Week(s) 3 of Weight Watchers – Yes, Both of Them

Weigh in -3.5lb

Somehow, in a haze of the lurgy, eating less calories and a wrestling with a lunging baby, we’ve missed a week. The more astute of you may have noticed that the week count on my blog and Instagram have always been a week out of sync, so I’m playing catch up. Therefore, these last 2 weeks have both been week 3, so there… To supplement my exercise regime, my Little Mister has been lending a hand by climbing every typical surface that he shouldn’t (cupboards, toy boxes, sides of his playpen), with his current favourite being the Fire Guard (although the sofa comes in a close second). I can’t blame him for it, it’s the perfect thing for babies to climb with the grid aiding in his scaling of all new baby heights. (Mental note to my engineering self; this could be a great money maker, just need to come up with a design that lets the heat out without letting the bubs climb up… but don’t tell anyone).

The cooking

For the first week 3, I found sticking to this meal plan quite easy. I think some wise dude once said “failure to plan is planning to fail”. By having all the temptation removed from the cupboard (or what has become known in our household as “the Great Twinkie Purge of 2017”), there’s been nothing there for me to snack on that’s bad for me.

My mission for the week was all about adapting my usual meals into more “smart point friendly” meals. Surprisingly, my normal cooking wasn’t actually that bad calorific-ally, but it was through getting lazy and not cooking that had caused the weight to creep up and up. For my Spag Bol., I subbed beef mince for turkey mince, but still managed to sneak in a glass of wine. It worked out at only 7 points a portion with pasta, which is fine by me!

Breakfast has been a doddle whilst sticking to either egg and salmon, or porridge. To keep the fruit cost down (fresh fruit doesn’t seem to be cheap these days) I’ve been raiding Sainsbury’s reduced section on a Sunday when we do the weekly shop and freezing ready to go portions of about 100g. This works so well when I’m staggering around famished first thing.

The second week 3 was a bit more of a struggle. I’d been ill for 4 days, 2 of which I was a captive of the couch. I cracked, I NEEDED a day off plan. But the condition was thus; you eat it, you count it. I have to say it didn’t stop my enjoyment at the time, and it did make me feel better. That said, I clocked in an astounding 101 points that day! As much as I’d kill to finish off the rest of the ice cream in the freezer right now, I do look back on that diary entry and it halts me in my tracks.

With no time to plan meals and do the weekly shop, it became a challenge of scraping through the cupboards to cobble together some low point meals (pasta with cheese, anyone?). It made me feel hungrier all the time even though I was using my points, and made the temptation to crash off plan even greater. I got creative at one point and tried to make “banana pancakes”, which is just a mix of banana and egg pan fried. It worked for me in the past, but without shedloads of butter (just fry light) I ended up with a banana scrambled egg monstronsity.

Disaster banana pancakes

This looks gross (like haggis or something) but was tolerable with almond butter and “ver-defrosted in the microwave” berries


Lessons I learned this week

  • Heck Sausages are bloody amazing. I’m not sure how I’ve lived without these in my life. You can have 2 for only 1SP, meaning sausage and egg sarnies are a new regular thing.
    heck sausage sarnie

    I love you Heck Sausages. So, So Much

  • Normal bread isn’t the devil. While Nimble and Weightwatchers bread is lower in points, it’s only because it’s half the size. Since switching back to normal bread I’ve been more fulfilled in the day so have snacked less, costing me less points overall.
  • Weightwatchers “In-Meeting” food is a bit of a rip off. It cost me £2 for 3 small bags of breadsticks, which are 2sp a pack. BUT, Sainsbury own breadsticks are only 1sp a stick, and you can buy a whole box for less than £2. Lesson learnt.

The weigh-in(s)

Both were a success, with -2lb on the first weigh in and a surpising 3.5 loss on the second. I’m now half a pound away from losing 5% of my starting body weight, and 2.5 lb away from hitting 12 stone. I’ve started a page in my bullet journal to help keep track (post incoming on month 1 with the bullet journal).

Bullet Journal Weight Loss

Woop Woop, only most of a page to go!

The schedule

As leant this week, I need to stick to a plan to make my life easier, so here is the plan for the next week.

SundayBreakfastBacon Sarnie815
DinnerButternut Squash Lasagne7
MondayBreakfastPorridge and Fruit316
LunchBacon Sarnie (thins)6
DinnerButternut Squash Lasagne7
TuesdayBreakfastPorridge and Fruit312
LunchBacon Sarnie (thins)6
DinnerCourgetti Stir Fry3
WednesdayBreakfastPorridge and Fruit38
LunchButternut Squash Soup2
DinnerCourgetti Stir Fry3
ThursdayBreakfastPorridge and Fruit315
LunchButternut Squash Soup4
DinnerQuick Chorizo and Bean Chilli8
FridayBreakfastPorridge and Fruit315
LunchButternut Squash Soup4
DinnerQuick Chorizo and Bean Chilli8
SaturdayBreakfastSausage Sarnie718
LunchButternut Squash Soup4
DinnerSteak Night7
SundayBreakfastSausage Sarnie44


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