#FingsFriday – These are a few of our favourite fings

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In a new feature I’m calling #FingsFriday (think things, but spelt with a “Fuh” instead of a “Th” because… alliteration and… I wanted to post on Fridays, OK?) , I’m giving a run down of things (fings) that I like and dislike this week.

First off, the annoying fings:

Annoying Fing 1 – Baby Colds

We are over it now, but baby colds suck. Snot everywhere, disturbed sleep for baby and shares in Beechams for Mummy so she can get through the day herself. Not only that, but the aftermath of Miltoning all the toys… I’ve spend a good half an hour alone this morning working my way through the ball pit. We had done well to get to 9 months before his first major cold, is it optimistic to wish for another 9 months before the next?

Pic of Milton Wipes

Milton Wipes, how did I not have you in my life sooner?

Annoying Fing 2 – Badly Sung Nursery Rhymes

With our Amazon Prime subscription, we get access to Amazon music. Being a bit of a tech lover, I thought I’d high tech up our life this week, and try Bluetooth streaming from my tablet to the stereo. This part worked awesomely, so easy to set up. But THEN I thought I’d search through for some nursery rhymes for Little Mister. This was an error; most of them sound like Alivin from the Chipmunks on some sort of illicit substance, and albums seem to blur into one continual mind blur (or nightmare, depending on your outlook on life). That said, I cannot recommend enough the album “Favourite Nursery Rhymes” but Tim Hart and Friends. I think I had this album as a child too, which goes to show that sometimes the oldies really are the goodies.

Annoying Fing 3 – Baby Climbing

I’m so proud of the Little Mister for being able to stand up, I really am, but he’s developed and attraction to only climb up the things he shouldn’t. Chest of drawers? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (yes, they are attached to the wall, thank goodness). But the absolute baby beacon of pull-ups is the Fire Place Guard. I’ve lost count of how many times today alone I’ve had to remove him from the guard and plop him as far away as possible, but he just crawls back, double time, to get up again. I thought I’d make it less enticing by plopping the sofa cushions in front. I was wrong…

Baby climbs cushion in front of fireguard

Nope, he just climbed the cushion instead

But onto the positives, these are the fings we’re digging this week:

Awesome Fing 1 – Baby Proofing

As per the reasons of point 3, the need to baby proof everywhere has come a bit faster than expected; not only are we mobile but we are up on everything, and now everything in the house is starting to move up a level. So here we go with taking all the baby lotions and potions out of Little Mister’s room, turning the changing table back into a chest of drawers and putting door gates everywhere. Exciting, but scary times.

Awesome Fing 2 – The Steam Link


Gaming is something that will always be in my top 3, but it’s only in the last week or so my passion has re-upped. Last weekend, I was sick enough to give myself a sofa day, which was the perfect opportunity to catch up on a few new (well, bought on launch for them to sit in the purgatory of my steam library for months) releases. The Steam Link is a magical black box that sits inconspicuously on the mantel piece. It lets you play your Steam (PC game) library on the big TV, instead of hunched over a keyboard and mouse, and even lets you use existing XBOX game controllers you have kicking around (as long as you’ve bought the right dongle).

Awesome Thing 3 – Trading in Clutter… for more clutter

As well as hoarding games, we have a love of movies that cause us to hoard DVDs. Not only that, so many films are dirt cheap at carboots (like 20p a pop) that we’ve amassed a separate little collection that we class as “rentals”, films we only really want to watch the once and then forget about. After upgrading a few at Christmas to bluray, we had a bit of a clear out of some of these DVDs. This time we had a great trade in value at CEX of £26, which we used to pick up a bit more clutter (ok, X-Men on Bluray and the Uncharted Collection on the PS4). 2 cases instead of 30 though certainly works out great for project declutter.

I’d love to hear what things you love (or not) this week, pop them in the comments or use #FingsFriday on social media.



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