My Blog-cation; A 6 week update

As some of you may have noticed, my social media channels and blog have been barren for content over the last 6 weeks. The truth is I needed a bit a break to catch up on life and just generally refuel and refresh. In about a month’s time I will be back at work full-time, and whilst excited to go an do adult-things again (hot tea and a leisurely lunch for one, using my brain to do some engineering for another) I’m obviously not looking forward to leaving Little Mister at nursery. I think the breaks done me good; I’d been a bit tough on myself with my expectations on how much I would post, which zapped the fun out for me so I’m coming back now into this feeling refreshed. To ease me back into writing, I thought I’d do a little update post on some of the shenanigans and hijinks we’ve partaken in.

Little Mister

We had our first tummy bug experience last night. Little Mister had been having a typical cold until that point; runny nose, wanting some extra cuddles, but generally super chilled as usual and happy to play with his toys (and definitely not off his food). So it was a bit of a shock last night when I picked him up in the dark whilst he was screaming to find he’d starting being sick. It’s so horrible to watch them, not being able to do much more than cuddle them while getting it out their system (and his little face, not having a clue what was going on). 3 changes of bedding and pyjamas later, and he’s woken up a happy baby again (even if Mummy and Daddy are still shell-shocked). You know you’re a Mum when you’re popping the washing machine on at 3am. The sensible thing to do would be to have a kip now while he’s asleep, but he has a knack of dropping off jussssst as the black coffee kicks in, so blog update it is.

washing machine

O hey, just having a late night catch-up with my old friend here


A few weeks ago, the football was on. This in itself is not an unusual occurrence, but what happened next was totally unexpected for us. Little Mister was just chilling in his ball pit. He was looking particularly cute, bashing the balls together, so I went to grab a little candid photo. And then, he stood up. Not pulling up on anything; just stood up from his bum to his feet. I didn’t even realise this was a thing babies could do, as it is most definitely a physical impossibility for me as an adult. But that standing he did, and now I am terrified of the places he’s reaching. The top of my computer desk is now off limits as he can get his hands up there, so project de-clutter and baby-safe has becoming all-consuming in our free time (and hot coffees are a distant memory). We’ve even had to put on a radiator cover in the bedroom to stop him searing his little bubby fingers (something I hadn’t even thought of until he made a break for it one changing time).

radiator cover

No more burnt fingers!


Little Mister is also cruising at a pretty fast rate now; as soon as he senses the barricades are open (i.e. mummy left the door gate open for more than a split second) he’s making a dash for the exit. He can side step along the sofas, tables and toy boxes, have a little stand up and clap the tv, before sitting down and crawling off again at lightning speed. Baby groups are a bit more challenging with him being on the go, but it is really exciting to watch. We even got a couple of steps on his walker (although it really doesn’t feel like it should take his weight).

Baby walker

He abandoned it shortly after


Teething had become a problem this month, with many nights being awoken every couple of hours to him crying in his sleep. Then out of nowhere, 3 popped through at once, bringing the tooth count up to 7 (with number 8 following through a few weeks later). This has also lead to a bit of fussiness with eating, but he hasn’t been put off his pouches. We are now starting to offer more finger foods, to mixed success. Anything crunchy is a winner, but he is not a fan of bread, no matter how it’s presented. Just got to keep trying until we crack it, but we will get there.

I got more round… again

In the midst of birthdays, meals with friends and fridges dying, something had to give, and unfortunately that was the dieting. I did take a couple of weeks off around my birthday, but as I went to get back on the wagon (i.e. meal planned and filled the fridge with healthy noms), the blooming thing packed up on us. What’s more, the gap the fridge was in was way too shallow for a new fridge so we’ve ended up re-arranging the kitchen cabinets to fit in a new one. And then I just remembered how much I loved junk food and takeaways… So we will get back to weight-watchers, and re-lose anything regained, but until then I’m not beating myself about it too much (sometimes, life just happens and only a take-away or five will help).



I got older

I had a birthday, making me 26. I don’t feel any older, or wiser, but I got a whole digit bigger last month. We took a break from the aforementioned DIY to have a day out with some nerdy retail therapy, followed by a really bizarre dining experience in Nandos. It all started out pretty normal; it was midday on a Monday making it super-quiet, and the three of us took up a booth in the centre of the restaurant. Not long after the food came out, the smoke alarms sound. Then stopped. Then started again. Then stopped. This went on for a good 10 minutes, until the manager came out and told us not to panic, they just couldn’t cook anything without setting off the alarms off therefore no more new customers would be served. Slowly, as everyone around us finished their meals and left, we became the last 3 patrons in the joint (fun fact; feeding a baby takes a while) with all the staff just standing around because they had nothing else to do. It’s not put me off Nando’s though, I love that place.

Nandos mamamakesdo

Eats through loud sirens, yet still cries when I hoover the house…


I even got to go to my favourite shop ever; IKEA. Nothing too exciting to buy this trip, just some spice racks for the re-arranged kitchen and some photo-frames to mount our expanding Lego mini-figure collection on. For my actual birthday day I had a lovely chilled day, just the 3 of us, and used to opportunity to catch up on playing Uncharted 4. My family spoiled me, and I’ve now got my own cool Lego-minifigure version of me to take pride of place in my collection!

lego mini me mamamakesdo


I got hands on with meat

My Mum bought me a sausage making machine for my birthday. After the initial excitement of never-ending, high quality sausages ON DEMAND wore off, I realised I actually had no clue at all on how to make them. Being the “what could go wrong?” woman that I am, I just ploughed through and followed this recipe for Cider Pork Sausages. They came out MASSIVE. But super-tasty. My learnings are:

  • Get rid of all sinew before running through the mill, else you’ll stop every 60s to untangle it from the blades.
  • Making your own dried breadcrumbs is super cheap and easy – a 40p loaf of basics bread will make a good couple of kilner jars full that will last for months and months.
  • Leave a bit of space before tying off your stuffed ends (tee-hee). I ended up not having enough slack which meant I couldn’t twist off many sausages as I’d of like (i.e. they are all triple size what they should be for that width… think about a modelling balloon).
massive homemade sausages

Still got 2 batches left in the freezer *drools*

I became a red-head

…again. I flick back to red every few years or so, but this is my first home dye since having Little Mister. I instantly remembered why I hadn’t done it in years, after having to clean up a bathroom that looked like a crime scene. In an unrelated note; anyone know how to get a hair dye stain off a sofa?

I revamped another old blog

Before Mama Makes Do, before being a Mum was on the horizon in fact, I used to (sort-of) blog about games. And by that I posted and car boot bargains and stuck up funny glitch videos from my play-throughs. I’ve been eager to practice my web tweaking so moved this site from to its own domain. For the curious, you can see MashBamPow here. Whilst there’s no new articles there right now, and there is no guarantee there ever will be, but I’ve added a backlog page which has been an exercise in practising my Photoshop skills. Speaking of which…


I upgraded my PC

I love my desktop, but the only thing that was grinding my gears was it constantly running out of memory (mainly when running Photoshop with anything else running). So I took the plunge and upgraded the RAM to 16GB from 8GB this weekend. Turned out to be super easy to do and feels like I’ve got a new toy all over again.

Some sticks of RAM

Awww yeah, RAM

And that’s that for my absence really, nothing super exciting. I’m not holding myself to a regular schedule, but I can guarantee I’ll be writing more over the coming weeks to distract myself from the thought of being stuck back at work full time. I’ll even dust off my bullet journal and get back on track… after another cuppa or five.

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