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Oh My Blog is a monthly interview series, where fellow bloggers come together to answer a series of questions on a specific theme. This is a chance to get acquainted with a whole range of bloggers, some of whom you may not have heard of before, and learn a little more about them!


This month, the theme is Mums (because it’s only just past Mother’s day!) and we’re hosting Laura from Mum on a Mission.

1. Introduce us to your mum. What’s her name? What does she do? Reveal her age if you dare!

My mums name is Nina, she is retired and living the high life in Naples, Florida.  I daren’t reveal her age incase she writes me out of the will!


2. What’s the one thing your mum always used to say to you?

‘Have a banana’

Literally that was her answer to everything.

“Mum I’ve got a headache”  Have a banana.

“Mum I’m tired” have a banana.

“Mum I don’t want to go to school, I feel ill” have a banana


3. Someone’s playing your mum. Who is it and why?

We call my Mum the queen as she is very regal so really she should be played by someone like Helen Mirren


4. She’s won the lottery. What’s the first thing your mum buys for herself?
Probably a holiday somewhere nice


5. What embarrassing story about you does she always tell when you meet new people?
Thankfully she is far too nice to tell anyone embarrassing stories


6. What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year?

My Mum lives in Florida so I won’t be with her on Mother’s Day, but she is lucky as she gets two Mother’s Days, the UK one and the USA one!


7. What’s her favourite TV show at the moment?

Good question and one I’m not sure about to be honest.  I know she likes things like Homeland though


8. What’s the biggest or most important thing that your mum inspired you to do?

To always (try) and be presentable.  Not sure I pull it off as well as she does though!


9. Your round at the bar! What’s your mum drinking?

Champagne darling!  Not that she would be seen in a bar unless it was a very posh cocktail bar!


10. What’s the biggest different between you and your mum?

My Mum thinks before she speaks and usually doesn’t say anything offensive, me not so much!


11. Most important question of the lot. What is your mum’s stance on 50 Shades of Grey? Does she love it? Hate it? Not even know what it is?

I am never asking my mum this question!


12. What’s your favourite memory of your mum?

When we were on a skiing holiday and she had a red outfit on including a red balaclava and looked like a tomato.  Wish I had the photo to send you!


13. What do you think your mum was like as a kid?

Careful and cautious


14. Case your mind back a bit; what was the thing you did as a child or teenager that made your mum the angriest she has ever been with you?

Pretty much everything I did!


15. Finally, what’s the BEST piece of advice your mum ever gave to you?

To think before I speak, but I never follow her advice!!


If you’ve enjoyed this post and want to know more about Laura, you can check her out at her blog and on social media.


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