As some of you may have noticed, my social media channels and blog have been barren for content over the last 6 weeks. The truth is I needed a bit a break to catch up on life and just generally refuel and refresh. In about a month’s time I will be back at work full-time, and whilst excited to go an do adult-things again (hot tea and a leisurely lunch for one, using my brain to do some engineering for another) I’m obviously not looking forward to leaving Little Mister at nursery. I think the breaks done me good; I’d been a bit tough on myself with my expectations on how much I would post, which zapped the fun out for me so I’m coming back now into this feeling refreshed. To ease me back into writing, I thought I’d do a little update post on some of the shenanigans and hijinks we’ve partaken in.Continue reading

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This weekend we’ve been getting into the Halloween Spirit and burning off some creative energy with Pumpkin Carving. A year ago we announced on Facebook we were expecting using a picture of a bunch of pumpkins, so it was only fitting we re-enacted with our own little pumpkin…

The last few years have sought a tradition of popping down to the farmers market, picking up ridiculously large pumpkin-y beasts and printing out an over-ambitious template from the internet to recreate on our fruit. Yesterday evening was a very chilled one, sipping Banana Bread Ale to Strictly Come Dancing whilst easing out small sections of pumpkin flesh. I opted for 2 this year; a simple Bowser to warm up my carving skills, followed with an intricate Ghostbuster silhouette. My partner went for the eye of Sauron complete with elvish inscriptions. In true me style, I forgot to get my stencils printed off so had to improvise with tracing paper over my PC monitor. Luckily, no permanent sharpie marks have made it onto my screen.

So here we are, the finished products of 3 hours hollowing, hollering, swearing, crying and carving!

Pumpking Carving: Eye of Sauron, Ghostbusters Team and Bowser

Eye of Sauron, Ghostbusters Team and Bowser!

Pumpkin Eye of Sauron


Pumpkin Carving Bowser Mario

More Cute than Scary

Pumpkin Carving Ghostbusters

I’m proud with how this one came out, so stressful doing those teeth though!

In past years, we’ve gone with the Cookie Monster, Minions and the Nightmare before Christmas. I’m not sure I can take the pressure of trying to do something even more intricate next year, but I’m sure we’ll forget by then and give it a go anyway…

Pumpkin Carving Nightmare before Christmas Oogie Boogie Jack

Pumpkins 2015: The nightmare before Christmas

Pumpkin Carving Minions Gru Despicable Me Cookie Monster

Pumpkins 2014: Cookie Monster and Minions

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Time has slipped away at a crazy pace this week, and I’ve not been able to update as quickly as I’d of liked! We have been on holiday to my home-land (sunny sunny Kernow), and the week before has all been rather hectic. Some of this chaos came from packing. Firstly, packing whilst you’re crippled up with hay fever sucks! Sneezing between every other item going into a bag makes it really hard to keep track of what’s going down. Secondly, packing whilst entertaining a little one is really hard work. Playing is waayyyyyyy more fun than packing,  And thirdly, little people need so much stuff! We’re only off for a week but it looks like we’ve left home…


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They’ve always said that a picture speaks a thousand words. With the photos I’ve been taking since the arrival of Little Mister I could probably out-do a library. I’ve always dabbled in photography in my spare time, and often on outings out I’ll slowly peel away from a group because I’ve spotted a butterfly on a leaf, or because the way the light filters through the trees looks interesting.

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This morning started off at a standard level of eventful (let’s just say that trying to cut nails at 6am after a major poop explosion was not the calmest way to kick off the day). After a brief snooze we awoke again at 8am to a noise I’d been dreading for months. Quiet at first, so quiet that you’re not sure you’ve heard it, but as the day goes on its more often, and louder… then you realise that yep, those are definately snuffles. Eeeep!


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