5 Tips to Better Baby Pics on Your Phone

They’ve always said that a picture speaks a thousand words. With the photos I’ve been taking since the arrival of Little Mister I could probably out-do a library. I’ve always dabbled in photography in my spare time, and often on outings out I’ll slowly peel away from a group because I’ve spotted a butterfly on a leaf, or because the way the light filters through the trees looks interesting.

“Just wait a sec guys, I need to take another 50 photos of this butterfly”

With less time on my hands and with the rapid growth my little one is going through, my phone has been invaluable as not just a Facebook machine, but as a camera. It never leads my side, and is always there to capture those spontaneous treasured moments. So with that, I’ve compiled this short article on how to get the most out of your phone photography.


1. Get a bigger memory card

If your phone has memory expansion, this is a must. Micro SD cards are cheap these days, with an additional 64GB of memories coming in at well under £20. It is Sod’s Law that you’ll run out of memory just as bubba goes to roll over, so if possible get the memory sorted before your due date!

2. Back up your photos

Whether it’s with Dropbox, through the Google photos app, or manually with a USB lead, back up your photos regularly! From my experience, you never know when you’re going to drop your phone down a toilet… or a flight of stairs… or both, and losing photos can be devastating.

3. Get the Google Photos App

I am in love with this app! It syncs my photos to my Google account every time my WiFi connects, meaning all my memories for the day are waiting for me on my desktop when I log on.

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It turns your photos into GIFs without you having to do anything! Babies aren’t as patient as trees or landscapes when it comes to photography. I’ve found the best technique to capture the moment in a natural way is to spam the shutter button like a sports photographer at a penalty shootout. And from that button mashing, the google wizards make your photos into that GIF.

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For those unaware, a GIF is a short series of photos stitched together to make a short stop motion movie, that then repeats indefinitely. The results on my account have been so natural, and really captured the moments perfectly.

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It will also take photos of a similar theme and make a little montage! This feature I find less impressive than the GIF, but such a nice memento to make into a canvas (there’s something Any Warhol-esque about them). There’s also a video and album making option, but I find these a little too cheese-y to want to show them to people, and haven’t used this feature as much as the GIFs and montages.

Google photo app
I think these are my favourite montages, although it was hard just to pick two!


My Mummy’s puns are the best!

4. Get your photos printed out!

Don’t hide all those gorgeous photos away on your phone, update the décor around the home! Wowcher currently have an offer for 300 Trueprint photos for £3. PhotoBox often do “buy 50, get 100 free”. Home bargains or Ikea do cheap put nice multiframes.

Free Photos from your phone
Frame from home bargains; free your photos!

5. Get into Instagram

If you’re a bit pants at taking photos, Instagram is a great app for not only sharing your photos, but also for covering them in a filter to make them look a bit more awesome. Yes, it’s “cheating”, but with such effortless results, who’s judging?


So there you go! 5 tips to getting the most out of taking photos on your phone. If you’ve found this helpful, please like and share, and if you have your own tips let me know in the comments 🙂

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