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Mama of MamaMakesDo
Mama of MamaMakesDo


Hi there, and welcome to mamamakesdo.com. Our mission objective is simple; to provide tasty meals, informative reviews and money-saving tips to parents on a budget (more money saved on the day to day means more money for the fun stuff, right?).

Spending a fortune on the weekly shop? Fed up with the same repeating pattern of Spag Bol, Fish Fingers and Pizza? Then this site hopes to inspire you to try something cheaper and tastier without keeping you tied to the kitchen. Befuddled with the number of baby gadgets on the market? Head to our reviews section for honest, unbiased opinions before forking out your hard earned dosh.

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About the Author

MamaMakesDo.com was founded in 2016 by Charlotte Cook, a Mother and qualified Mechanical Engineer with a passion for money saving and cooking.  When not running her blog, Charlotte can be found engaging in photography, baking something tasty in the kitchen and learning a new crafty hobby (current challenge: learning to knit). She is also an avid gamer, spending her (fleeting) free time catching up with the latest releases and building up her retro collection.

Charlotte also runs www.gamermum.com, a site focused on video games run by parents, for parents.



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