Recipe – BBQ Burger Fondue

It’s been a busy weekend this one, and since Little Mister’s arrival it just feels like we’ve been going non-stop. Early on Saturday we viewed a wedding venue that we both loved (not sure if bubba liked it, he waited an hour before crying to leave), then in the afternoon we went to a lovely birthday party. Sunday we popped to Mothercare to spend our voucher, and was very fortuitous with the sales (next year’s summer clothes are sorted! 3 pairs of shorts for £6, £2 t-shirts. So many bargains!). We also picked up a reduced Lamaze highchair toy; as Lamaze have recently unveiled a new logo I had a hunch all of their toys would be coming down in price. Afterwards, we went to the most magical place on earth… Toys R Us! In these times of Amazon Prime next day delivery, I just couldn’t justify picking anything up there and then. The only toy related thing on my radar to still get is a Vtech baby walker, but they were a full £6 cheaper online. I did come away with a Mario Lunchbox for myself, and a new found appreciation of how many toys there are in the Toot Toot range.

Toot Toot
So. Many. Toot-Toots.

And now for the belated blog post! The night before last night was Friday, and Friday nights should be fun. Blog posts designed for a Friday should also probably be finished on a Friday, but Little Mister has had a bad few days with the teething. As it was also a million degrees outside, that fun needed to come in an outdoor variety, so we opted for BBQ. Being week-end, Mama was super tired (all those early mornings and checking on little mister through the night take their toll, which usually ends up in falling asleep on the sofa by 9am and missing baby group).

Today I present a BBQ recipe; Burger Fondue. I wasn’t really with it when we went shopping so missed out on most of the ingredients so yours will probably vary considerably to mine.

Burger fondue
These aren’t the ingredients you require

BBQ Burger Fondue

  • 1 wheel of camembert (I went for the small wheel)
  • Sprig of fresh rosemary
  • 1 Tbsp. White Wine
  • 1 tsp. of Kirsch
  • Garlic
  1. Lay out a square of foil big enough to contain the wheel of cheese. Place the cheese (unwrapped) in the foil and stab lots of holes in the top of the wheel.

    BBQ Burger Fondue
    Stabby Stab Stab
  2. Crush a garlic clove over the cheese and rub it into the holes. I didn’t have garlic so I used garlic Frylight spray.

    BBQ Burger Fondue
    After writing this I found a garlic bulb at the bottom of the fridge
  3. Sprinkle over a stripped sprig of fresh rosemary. My herb garden is a tad neglected, so I cheated and used dried rosemary.

    BBQ Burger Fondue
    It wasn’t worth fighting the probable wildlife living in that rosemary bush
  4. Pour over the 1 tbsp white wine. I didn’t want to drink white wine, I wanted prosecco. So sod it, I used prosecco instead.
  5. Pour over the 1tsp of kirsch. I actually had Kirsch in! So we’ve got one step right.
  6. Wrap the cheese in the foil into a package.
  7. Whack it on the BBQ until melted, and spoon over your cooked burger in it’s roll.
BBQ Burger Fondue
BBQ Fondue on the burger!
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