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Little Mister is teething and has been teething for what (already) feels like forever. We had major progress last weekend with the first 2 gnashers popping into the world, and this week I’ve learned that they are bloody sharp indeed… (both through wrestling him still to clean them and from foolishly leaving my arm exposed long enough to get a good chomp in). Part and parcel of this seems to be the drool; the continual, all over his clothes, the floor, and your arm drooling. I had picked up some trendy dribble bibs, but these are expensive, so naturally I took the next step and started looking around online for some everyday alternatives. That’s where the (succinctly named) “A-forest Pure Cotton Absorbent Soft Baby Bibs Cute lovely Toddler Saliva Towel Nature Milk Feeding Bibs for Boys Girls (10pcs)” came in. Although these are no longer showing as available there are multiple other brands showing up in a similar vein, 10 dribble bibs for about a tenner that are the ultimately the same import.

Dribble Bibs review MamaMakesDo
They were well packaged…


I really wanted to like this product, but it seems that you do indeed get what you pay for. The bibs came in a pack of 10 as advertised, and were attractively packaged, with each bib wrapped individually. There were a large variety of designs, some for boys, some for girls and some unisex. It would have been nice to be able to pick a pack of patterns for boy or girl, but this is no big deal really. At first sight, I was impressed. The cotton fabric was lovely soft quality and the patterns themselves were attractive (even if there were some mistranslations, “honkey” instead of monkey), although there was a dubiously unlicensed “Winnie the Pooh” print in the mix.

Dribble Bibs review MamaMakesDo
Dubious Unlicensed patterns…


Dribble Bibs review MamaMakesDo
“Honkey” is Very Happy

The deal breaker for me was the quality of the fastenings. The bibs are adjustable with 2 press-stud buttons, which seem to be well spaced in terms of the 0-3 age range (it fitted my 5-month-old son comfortably). It was as I started unpacking the rest I noticed that these press-studs were of inconsistent quality. Some were really near to the edge, and most unacceptable of all, 3 bibs had buttons half stamped over the edge. They feel like with hardly any pulling at all they’ll come off, presenting a choking hazard.

Dribble Bibs review MamaMakesDo
Not secure
Dribble Bibs review MamaMakesDo
Not just on one of the 10
Dribble Bibs review MamaMakesDo
In the end, most of the bibs either had bad button placement, frayed edges of both

Needless to say, I sent these back for a refund (a benefit of buying items fulfilled by Amazon is that as soon as your package is in the van back your account is instantly credited). Again, I’d reiterate my disappointment as with a little quality control on the buttons these would be a must-buy. I only gave this only 1 star on Amazon and can only put the rest of the 5-star reviews down to people not putting in the time to look closely at the safety and quality (or maybe I’m just OTT and super-fussy, you decide). I think this point is backed up by the rest of the reviews containing pictures of the bibs still neatly folded away in their packaging…




*I did purchase these at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, which, as seen, did not affect my verdict on this product.

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