Grape Slicer Gadget Review

Make healthy, safe snacks in a fraction of the time

My biggest fear as a parent, one that I really struggle overcoming, is the fear that the kids will choke. As exciting as the weaning process can be, the second we start the finger foods and the gagging starts (I know, perfectly normal!), I start to panic. Even after reading up so much on first aid and knowing what to do in an emergency, I still freak out at the thought of it.

Grape Slicer Review
Grapes – The Nutritious Enemy

Grapes are one of the foods I am most fastidious about cutting down, with their rounded middle being the perfect shape to get lodged in a child’s oesophagus. Although delicious and a healthy snack, grapes often sadly top lists of causes of choking, with many people just not being aware of the risks of serving them without proper preparation.

Recommended procedure is to cut the grape in half, lengthways. If possible, cut the grape into quarters. As important as this is, constantly cutting up grapes for snack time can seriously elongate the process of snack-time prep, so when I saw this grape slicer, I had to give it a try.

What is the Grape Slicer?

The Grape Slicer* has a single chamber with a spring-loaded pusher and a blade on the other end. You simply wash your grapes, pop them one at a time into the chamber and push the handle down. The blade is then pushed over the blades, cutting it into 4 sections. The bottom half of the unit unscrews from the body for easier cleaning, although it also washes up great with just a rinse under the tap straight after use. It also comes with a cap, eliminating the risk of splitting a finger open on it in the drawer whilst rummaging for something else.

Grape Slicer Review
The Grape Slicer Gadget

Does the Grape Slicer Work?

I tested my slicer out with a bunch of smaller grapes, although the chamber is quite large in the gadget so you could easily cut through much heftier grapes. The blade was adequately sharp enough to cut through the grape without too much force, and the grape was severed into quarters. I found this quicker that doing it manually, but the downside is it is yet another gadget to clutter up the kitchen drawer, and another thing to wash up.

Grape Slicer Review
Grape Slicer Review
Chamber where the grade is inserted into the slicer
Grape Slicer Review
The plunger pushes the grape through

Is it worth buying a grape slicer?

At such a low price point, this is a gadget I’d recommend to anyone with children who regularly eat grapes. Its quick, simple to use, and eliminates the need of a chopping board as you can slice directly over the bowl or container the fruit is going to be in.

Grape Slicer Review
Successfully quartered grapes

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9 thoughts on “Grape Slicer Gadget Review

  1. I must admit I’ve never seen a grape slicer before. We don’t slice many grapes but for anyone with small children I’m sure it would be really useful.

  2. I have never seen a grape slicer before and had no idea they existed – this would have got so much use when mine kids were little as they got through so many grapes x

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