Bigger than Mama expected! (A MCC Playpen Review)

Little Mister and I have been stuck in the house for 3 days now. Apparently an expected delivery date of Wednesday-Thursday means early afternoon on Friday, silly me. I’d had had the bright idea to get a playpen before we really needed one (before Lhe discovers he can co-ordinate arms and legs into some sort of transportation method and start chewing on the cables). As well as being a safe and secure baby jail during the waking hours (Little Mister is only 3 months, but is frequently shuffling off his play-mat whilst the adults pop to make delicious black coffee), it would be a great holding cell at night for the rest of the baby toys that seem to scatter wildly around the house. We decided upon the MCC playpen, as featured on Amazon and eBay.

MCC Playpen Review
Amazon, Please take note at how to package efficiently, with minimal bags full of air.

I thought it was a decent size when I measured it out early this week (roughly 1.5m, square), but wasn’t fully expecting the behemoth that came to be at yesterday’s assembly. The packaging was super-neat, the mats in one box and the panels in another (huzzah, less to cut down and wrestle into the recycling bin). Each panel was wrapped in its own thin bag so they weren’t scratched, and the instructions weren’t in badly translated Engrish so we were on to a winner. There were also a stack of super-cute Teddy stickers at the bottom of the box that you just know are going to be a bugger to get off the backing paper.

MCC Playpen Review
The location of the child should be in the playpen. Gotcha.



After a cup of brew, I made sure the little man was content in his rainforest and got going with putting this bad boy together. Mama vs. Flatpack, bring it. For this segment of the blog, I had planned to edit together a lovely multi-angle assembly time-lapse, with Picture in Picture and all sorts of flashy stuff. But half way through filming angle 2 my tablet case slipped over the lens (grrrr), obstructing the view. Then my fairly decent gaming PC had a hissy fit when trying to run Adobe Premiere Elements, and even having a glass of wine and being patient with it didn’t stop it crashing. So instead we have a single angle montage, filmed through a webcam from the stone ages and edited on Windows Movie Maker.

Build Quality

All in all, I’m impressed with the quality of the pen. Some reviews online had complained about burrs on the edges being quite sharp but I’ve not found that to be the case. The toy panel at the back is a lovely addition, and feels pretty sturdy. There are suckers attached to the bottom of the panels for if you wanted to assemble on hard floors, stopping your toddler from moving into the next room with you. The floor that came with fits perfectly and feels padded enough to cushion any tumbles. Unfortunately I ripped the ear on one of the teddies when wrestling him off the backing paper, so the inclusion of spares would have been appreciated. As it stands I would reccomend this pen, but will keep this post updated over the coming months as it sees more intense use.

MCC Playpen Review
The back wall of the pen comes with some toys which is a nice touch. It only blocks the Sky Box remote path from Daddy’s side of the room 😉

When the little mister is a bigger mister I think it will be perfect, but for now he looks a little swamped in it. But isn’t that the most Mum thing to do? Buy it 5 sizes too big so they’ll grow into it? In the meantime, I’m going to sit in stunned shock at how much living room I’ve lost this weekend.

MCC Playpen Review
Added my son with no toys just for scale. Will look less cavenous once his mats and teddies are in 😀
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