How I made £14 During Naptime with Prolific

There is nothing like the silence of nap time. It can’t just be me that swears they are going to do the washing up whilst the little ones kip, only to end up 2 cups of tea down, a pack of Hobnobs demolished and my Facebook feed thoroughly read. But what if you could make money in that downtime, with very little effort needed? Welcome to Prolific.

What is Prolific?

Prolific* is a survey site, but probably not like others you’ve encountered. Many sites I’ve tried in the past have low pay, and are using your opinion to gauge consumer feedback for new products or packaging changes. For me, this makes it really hard to will myself through the entire study, so I end up abandoning those websites altogether after a few short days. Prolific is different. Formed in 2014 by a PHD student who was frustrated at the difficulty in recruiting participants in her studies, she formed Prolific.

When you answer a survey on Prolific, you are partaking in research for academics, researchers and universities (so not only are you earning dosh, you’re also saving the world….maybe!).

How it Works

Prolific about me section
  1. Sign up for an account, (link to prolific*)
  2. Fill in as much information as possible in the “About You” Section (note: check back on this section from time to time, as new questions are added)
  3. Leave the “Studies” Tab open, and wait for a survey to become available
  4. Reserve your place on the study
  5. Fill in the study. Read the instructions CAREFULLY, as you can see on my page I rushed one of the studies, failing some checks and lost out on payment.
  6. Cash out – Once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit of £5, you can pay out using either PayPal or Circle.

Survey lengths vary, some taking 2 minutes, and some taking up to an hour (although the longest I was given was half an hour). As you can see, I reached £14 on a single day, with most responses being approved within 24 hours. So far I’ve had enough to cash out twice, and each time the money has been in my PayPal within 48 hours. So if you are home-based, leaving the PC on while you tinker around can end up profitable.

If you are a researcher reading this who is interested in running their studies on the prolific platform, you can also sign up for an account using this link*.

Prolific Payout Screen

Disclaimer: I am in no way employed with Prolific. I was not approached to leave a review, all views are unbiased and my own (my opinions have never and will never be bought).

Links with a * next to them are affiliate links; this means clicking on can sometimes have a benefit or payment to the site, at no expense to you (this lets us pay the bills, feed the kids, etc. etc.). These payments/benefits have no bearing on the opinions I give.

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