Recipe – Christmas Shortbread Bites

Christmas is coming! We are past Black Friday now so can legitimately get excited, get the decs up and enjoy mulled wine next to a roaring fire. And for me, part of the excitement of Christmas is getting some crafting on and making some thoughtful, unique Christmas gifts. My Christmas cross –stitch is coming along well, although really I should probably have started months ago…

I’ve also been working on a sleigh for our resident Santa Claus. This was a bit of a guilty eBay purchase; growing up we always had a Tesco “Chilly and co.” Santa that came down from the loft to make sure Christmas was coming to schedule and that I was being good (note; he’s a million times cuter than those bloomin’ horror show elf of the shelf geezers). So when one popped up in my eBay feed, I couldn’t resist. We also managed to rescue a reindeer at the latest baby/mum market who is the fluffiest, nicest smelling thing ever (I’m guessing he bathed in fabric conditioner before going on the market). Although Little Mister won’t get much from it this year (apart from some gorgeous pics to whip out on his 18th Birthday…) I’m looking forward to whipping out the crafts over the years and creating some new traditions.

Hobbycraft christmas sleigh
Hobbycraft christmas sleigh

One Christmas tradition that always stays with me though is filling the house with the smell of shortbread, and when I saw this shortbread bite recipe from Good Housekeeping on my news feed I had to give it a go. I’ve re-written the recipe below from American into British if you’re going to have a crack at these yourself. I also think these would be great nibbles for other occasions if you picked some less Christmassy sprinkle colours.

shortbread bites christmas recipe mama makes do

Recipe – Funfetti Shortbread

175g Plain Flour
15g Caster Sugar
112.5g Butter
0.25 tbsp Red Sprinkles
0.25 tbsp Green Sprinkles

Christmas themed sprinkle packaging is optional
Christmas themed sprinkle packaging is optional

1) Pick a window where the baby is sleeping/chilling/otherwise occupied

2) Preheat the oven to 3250F (GM3/160oc/140oc Fan Oven)

3) Pulse the flour and sugar together in a food processor until it starts to come together. Pulse in the butter until combined. Tip into a bowl and mix in the sprinkles.

christmas shortbread bites dough combined mama makes do

4) Pour onto floured, lightly waxed paper. Roll into a 8” x 5” rectangle and freeze for 15 mins

5) Cut the dough into 0.5” squares and lay onto baking sheets

6) Bake 18 – 20 minutes, until golden brown. Tip onto a cooling rack until cold.

7) EAT! Or bag up for gifts… or EAT!

shortbread bites gift bag mama makes do

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