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Never run out on washing day again with SMOL Capsules by post

Children are messy. If it’s not chocolate, grass stains or globs of banana on their new clothes, it’ going to be a poop explosion or some other unidentifiable stain that causes multiple changes of outfit per day. That’s not to mention the clothes changes we parents must go through to compensate for unexpected sick ups or toddlers wiping snotty sticky fingers on your last pair of work trousers. Washing powder isn’t cheap either, and playing the waiting game for capsules to go on offer can often leave you short of supplies on laundry day.

But there is another way. Whilst procrastinating from my domestic duties, an advert for SMOL popped up in my Facebook feed, and I was intrigued. Washing capsules, delivered straight through my post-box, at a reasonable price? They even do a free trial of 9 washing capsules, with no obligation to sign up for regular deliveries if you aren’t satisfied. This was enough to hook me in and give them a go.

What is SMOL?

SMOL Review - 24 capsules per pack
SMOL capsules – 24 per pack

SMOL make and deliver you washing capsules in packs of 24, at an interval that matches your rate of washing. After your free trial pack of 9 capsules, regular deliveries arrive at only £3.85 per batch including postage (working out at just 16p per wash), with a choice of bio or non-bio. SMOL was formed by an ex-Marketing Vice President at Unilever, so it’s safe to assume they know what they’re doing when it comes to washing! They also do a plan for dishwasher tablets, priced at a slightly £4.20 for 24 capsules (about 18p per wash).

Disclaimer; I have not been approached by SMOL to review this product. This is something I saw and wanted to try, and have purchased with my own dosh, so all thoughts and opinions are mine.

What do you get each delivery?

In our household, I estimated we got through at least 6 loads of washing in a week, so when I signed up and entered this information, we were assigned a plan where a box would arrive every 3 weeks. This can easily be paused or amended at anytime through your online account. I also signed up for the free trial, a smaller box of 9 tabs.

SMOL review - Packaging
Your tabs are well protected in their packaging
SMOL review
The trial pack has 9 SMOL capsules

A few days later, the sample arrived. I was impressed with how eco friendly the package was, yet protective enough for these little liquid capsules to arrive unexploded (that’s a mess no one wants to deal with). There was a leaflet outlining a bit more about the company, and a secured plastic package not much bigger than the capsules themselves. This package looked relatively secure from little fingers, with 2 locking tabs and a sticker to get through (although prevention is the best protection, so these are locked away as per usual with cleaning products). It’s also made from 90% recycled PET, and due to it’s reduced size compared to supermarket brand leaders is a more environmentally friendly option.

How do they clean?

OK, pics of laundry aren’t the most exciting…

I have used the tabs for at least 10 washes now, and so far, I am super impressed. There is a nice light fragrance to the clothes once they are washed, although nothing too overpowering. We all have relatively sensitive skin, and the littles are prone to eczema. None has us have had a reaction or rash, which is another gold star to SMOL.

I opted for the non-bio tabs, and they have lifted most stains we have thrown at them. We had several baby sleepsuits and vests that had been subjected to the most explosive of nappies (TMI), and with no additional products needed, SMOL blasted through the blast residue. Bibs from weaning were also no problem, with sticky dried banana and crusty baby food stains coming out no troubles. The only downside of the tabs is that they do not contain a fabric conditioner, so if you are used to all in 1 Tabs, this is an additional cost you will need to budget for.

Final Verdict

For the value of SMOL compared to our usual makes of washing detergent, I have stuck with our subscription. Having a detergent that is cheaper than the brand names arriving without having to think about them on the weekly shop is so convenient, and the reduction of waste packaging has made me feel pretty good about my purchase.

SMOL review
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13 thoughts on “Review – SMOL Washing Capsules

  1. ha! I was just thinking the other day I’m surprised someone hasn’t made a subscription for dishwasher and washing machine pods! Bet this really takes off for them!

  2. i seen those all over facebook recently and i was wondering just how good they are – now i need to to order those – i dont know how about you but i always forget to buy washing capsules when shopping

  3. I’ve also seen them advertised but I was concerned they would need a lot of extra packaging. Thanks for this post, I’ll give them a try.

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